Are you willing to let all that traffic pass you by?

You need a solution that will greet shoppers 24/7, answer their questions, and connect them to your sales team.

Gone are the good ol’ days when customers walked onto car lots ready to buy. Instead, consumers are browsing for products online at odd hours and leaving your website with unanswered questions and unmet needs.

In the ever-changing, competitive marketplace, automotive leaders like you are spending enormous amounts of money to stay ahead of your competition in the digital world, sometimes with disappointing results. Even though you’re drawing traffic to your website, your visitors will leave for the competition unless you engage them where they are and in that moment.

With ETS Live Chat, you’ll help customers that are already coming to your website to do business with you — a Live Chat service that will bring qualified leads to your sales team.

Although ETS Live Chat sounds inviting, perhaps you lack a BDC or it’s not as effective as you would like it to be. You may need Engage to Sell + BDC.

Let us set up your appointments and drive showroom traffic to you. With more shoppers going to your website rather than your sales floor, you’ll need to adjust to keep up with the changing marketplace. Essentially, your website needs to become your virtual sales floor. And with the increasing demands on your team’s time and resources, you also need a sales force trained in online sales that will bring more of those shoppers into your store.

When you use Engage to Sell, you can relax knowing that you’re giving all your online customers top-notch service 24/7 by answering customers’ questions, determining their needs and connecting them to your sales force with our Live Chat. And you’ll no longer be stressed that you aren’t handling your leads effectively with our Engage to Sell + BDC.  Your confidence will grow knowing you’re keeping up with shopping trends and engaging customers effectively.