Won’t our sales people do just as good as your people?

Salespeople tend to prefer selling versus chatting. As a result, salespeople will tend to not cover the website full-time because they are working with customers on the lot. Plus, customers are shopping when it’s convenient for them instead of you. Often before you open or after you’ve closed. The result is missed opportunities or worse, shoppers who initiate a chat and no salesperson is available at that time to respond. This creates frustrated shoppers that click away to your competition. Also, live chat like all media has it’s own special characteristics and methods for success. What works on the phone or in person is not what typically works in live chat. The chat agent must be trained, knowledgeable, effective and engaging with today’s automotive shoppers.

Why can’t I just install some chat software on our dealership website and let our salespeople answer the chats?

Do it yourself chat, that’s certainly an option; however, many dealerships quickly discover that not all chat software is the same. Our chat software allows us to do everything from id keywords that turn into chats, to proactively show different cars to your shoppers without them having to do a thing to go to a different page. They just watch and enjoy.