How Our Service Works

Our Staff

Our staff specialize in providing live web chat services for car dealers. They are trained in all aspects of the car business and the road to the sale. We constantly work to improve our chat techniques so you get better results!

Our Services

We provide the technology and the talent to professionally engage your website visitors and produce more leads right away. We do this working with YOUR CURRENT website traffic. We help you get leads that are now going to your competitors.

Your Results

Our clients notice an immediate increase of leads from their website by using our service. We guarantee a minimum increase of at least 35%. As we learn your website, that can go as high as 300%.

Many car dealers are moving as much as 90% of their advertising budget to the internet. But most don't have the additional money or time to hire and properly train someone to chat with their website shoppers. Some have decided to use their sales people to fill this need. But they soon discover that sales people only cover the site when they aren't doing something else and many opportunities get missed. Plus, you need to use a different conversation style when chatting on a website versus talking in person or you'll scare website shoppers away. Our training and techniques are specially devised to accommodate these needs and get the results you really want without the cost or hassles. We take care of everything!

Our live chat integrates seamlessly into the top lead management and CRM’s such as iCarMagic, ADP Dealer Services, Reynolds & Reynolds, Higher Gear and many others.