About Us

Automotive leaders are moving enormous amounts of advertising spending from mass media advertising to digital marketing, hoping to achieve greater results for less money. In this rush to the digital promised land, billions of dollars are being spent running up search word costs and chasing third party leads that are over saturated in the market. Isn't there a smarter way?

As consumers we all engage more if we are spoken to personally. We want to interact on our schedule in the way that works for us, not the seller. Most importantly we only want to hear about things that are important to us.

That is what Engage To Sell is all about - leveraging information and industry insights to develop and deliver an intelligent solution that targets and engages the right consumers through the means of professional, adaptive live chat to deliver opportunities that increase sales for our clients.

Based in Eau Claire, WI, we are building a strong values-based company with smart people and advanced technology. We are changing the way the industry interacts and markets to American automotive consumers leading to greater results for our dealers.